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Maya Chocolates

Website Design and Development for Maya Chocolates.

Creating a website for Mumbai's premier, bespoke chocolate studio

Before we start, we would like to warn everyone, that going to Maya Chocolates for a meeting is like a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! The owners will bring out trays of chocolates and feed you till you get a sugar rush. We think it's a plan!

Mayavi Khandelwal has been making deliciously smooth and rich handcrafted chocolate since 2004, and the journey has never stopped. She is a Master Chocolatier and a woman with a passion for her art. Her vision is to create chocolate as it should be - mouth watering, melt in the mouth magic that is made with only the purest, freshest, natural ingredients. Today, that home grown business has turned into a professionally run company, with a team that shares the same passion for producing heavenly hand crafted products, meeting the highest standards of excellence.

When we create a website we look at a lot of things like its adaptability on a mobile device, speed, presentation, etc. However, this project needed something more, something which no chocolate company had done before. We started with spending weeks at the factory where we learnt about their work, processes, the art of chocolate making and consistency. We were so impressed by it that we wanted to communicate this into the website. We wanted the website to represent what Maya Chocolates stands for. We would like if you could visit the website and take a look.

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