Shining Armour

Creative Agency


this is how we do it


It starts with an impossible idea, an insightful observation, a surprising business opportunity.

We’ll study the problem, assess the opportunities, understand your organization and apply our expertise to your unique challenge. We’ll work together to clarify your project vision, scope and requirements. We’ll find a way to make design relevant and effective for you.

Winning Strategy

Crafting effective brand communications shouldn’t be left to the roll of a dice. It requires a disciplined, proven strategy to put your ideas several moves ahead of your opponents and win the game.

We take the time to understand who you are and where you’re going. We clarify your brand vision and define your communications strategy. We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We wrestle with the why and what of your project before the how, how much and how long. We’ll craft a brand strategy that hits the jackpot.

Focused Creativity

the idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.
~ Andy warhol

Like the iconic LEGO® brick, the design possibilities for any given project are endless. Together we’ll explore creative options you’ve never dreamed of, then evaluate those options based on your brand goals — not subjective or trendy styles. We’ll take calculated and unexpected creative risks to find the perfect fit to visually articulate your brand. And we’ll have fun doing it. But don’t take our word for it — take a look at our portfolio and judge for yourself.